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Science & Technology Base

Innovation driving enterprise's technological progress and science & technology boosting enterprise's healthy development
Initially founded in 1958, Qingte Group is a large-scale private enterprise group integrating research & development, manufacturing vehicle-axle assemblies of heavy, medium and light trucks, key automotive components and parts and special vehicles. Through 50+ years of hard efforts, the company has developed into auto production base and export base of China's important automotive components and parts and special vehicles. The product market has covered the domestic main whole-vehicle manufacturing enterprises, with an annual output of 700,000 sets of serial axle assemblies, 100,000 pieces of bearing bridges, 100,000 tons of castings and capacity of 20,000 various special vehicles.
Over the years, Qingte Group has always been "adhering to independent innovation, high quality, low-cost and internationalization" as the operation idea, taking the independent innovation as the lifeblood of enterprise development, performing technology innovation activities around the market demands, increase investment in science & technology R&D, insisting the product and industrial structure adjustment, expanding the self-owned brands, sustaining to perfect enterprise innovation system, and constantly improving the core competitiveness.

I. Construct Innovation System and Promote Technological Progress
1. Enterprise Innovation System Construction

① Guarantee system construction
In order to guarantee the execution of enterprise integral-innovation strategy, the company has formed the innovation organization structure of enterprise technology center as the main body and the team led by Group President as the technology center director. It has set up an integrated scientific management system, constantly improving and perfecting all the rules and regulations, so as to form the accurate high-efficient management mechanism with coordinated advance by all departments.
② Industry-study-research Cooperation
Meanwhile performing good internal technical innovation, the company is committed to seeking the cooperation with scientific research institutions, therein including the long-term cooperation with the China automotive engineering research institute (CAERI), China MI Ninth design & research institute, Harbin Industrial University (HIT), Qingdao Technological University and other colleges & universities and institutes, in product R&D and talent exchange & training, collaborative research and tackling key-problems, achievements transformation, etc., so as to promote enterprise technology progress and innovation of science and technology.
③ International Technology Cooperation
The company makes joint research & development for high-end products through the technical cooperation and exchanges with international renowned advanced companies such as German Daimler, US Altec and Italian CARRARO, in the high-end drive axles, overhead working truck, castings and other projects. Wherein: overhead working-truck products have dominated the market, firmly occupying the No. 1 place in domestic market; the high-end vehicle-axle products, take the front-rank on market share in the same industry; thus the new breakthrough is realized. And multiple items of products honorably won the national key new-product and Science & Technology Progress Award.
2. Scientific and Technological Achievements
Qingte Group Technology Center has been transformed from the previous single R&D institute to an important platform providing all-round enterprise services, through multi-year operation and adjustment. During which, the Technology Center has passed the appraisal of "national-level enterprise technology center", and the Center Laboratory through the "national laboratory accreditation", and two subsidiary companies have pass the recognition of hi-tech enterprise. With setting up post-doctoral scientific-research workstation, Qingte Group won such great honors as "national technology innovation demonstration enterprise", "national innovative enterprise", the national intellectual-property advantage enterprise, national torch-plan key high-tech enterprise, etc.

II. Execute Innovation Ability Construction and Control Competition Core
1. Qingte Innovation Ability Construction

Company continually optimize and improve the technology innovation system, through the executing the project of national technology innovation ability construction, continuously strengthen the construction of technology innovation base and ability.
① Product R&D Ability Construction.
During the 12th Five-Year Plan, the company invested nearly RMB 100 million yuan to reinforce the technology center construction, by systematically upgrading the innovation abilities from the aspects of project management, knowledge management, analysis & simulation, testing verification, etc. Intensify the R&D and transformation forces; specify the key fields of technology innovation; perform key breakthroughs on the research and application targeting vehicle-axle high-end technologies, specialized research for special vehicles and other key objectives.
② Process Guarantee Ability Construction
To enhance the process guarantee ability for products, the company with the international top equipment manufacturers has jointly created a high-end manufacturing platform, with successful operation startup of high-end vehicle-axle and casting project of investment nearly RMB 2 billion. It researched and developed the first domestic double-system heavy-truck gear dry cutting line; the closed-loop correction system, on-line monitoring system, automatic mistake-proofing system and other advanced technologies have been used in various production lines. Full automation, informatization and intelligentization have been successfully realized from the product processing to the assembling. Qingte process guarantee ability is upgraded rapidly to make the product performance and quality well guaranteed.
③ Test and Detection Abilities Construction
The company firstly passed the "national accreditation for laboratory" in the industry in 2012, now has had the test and detection abilities covering vehicle-axle and key components & parts drive-axle, such as assembly fatigue-test, braking performance test, gear closed-loop detection, etc., which take good strict test-control for the Qingte and outsourced products.
2. Innovation Ability Construction Effect
Qingte Group has obtained the good effect of technology innovation, through technology innovation ability construction.
① R&D Ability Enhancement
In recent years, the company has successively undertaken 13 national projects, 96 provincial and municipal-level plan projects; has completed 115 items of identification for scientific & technological achievements and new products; has won 2 national-level technology awards and 13 provincial & municipal-level technology awards; and has declared over 650 national patents and gained 430 national patents, as the No. 1 in the vehicle axle industry. Company has hosted to revise 2 national automotive industry standards, and has participated in revising 7 national automotive industry standards and 2 local standards.
② Product Quality Promotion
Through technology innovation ability construction, raw materials, technological process, test & inspection and other aspects has been under control; product quality has been sharply raised; and after-sale claim amount decreased.
③ Market Share Enhancement
Qingte Company has become the strategic supplier for the FAW, Foton Daimler and other main engine plants, with steady rising supply-share; the product quality has been preferred by the international high-end clients. The company has signed long-term supply contract with the Daimler AG, and become Carraro company’s global strategic partner.

III. Independent Innovation Development and Promoting Industry Progress
1. Development Situation of Qingte Technology.

Qingte Technology’s development goal is: to construct independent R&D system, and make innovation & transformation to create China's first-class and the world-renowned brand of proprietary technology.
Through multi-year accumulation and development, Qingte has reached the industry leading level in the product R&D ability, process assurance and other aspects at present; and the product test & verification abilities also gained rapid development.
Qingte Group will invest RMB 100 million yuan to undertake R&D innovation ability construction, and perform supporting hardware & software upgrade and improvement in the aspects of R&D management, system construction, innovation ways, R&D tools, process assurance, product testing and performance verification, so as to realize Qingte Technology’s industry innovation, improve enterprise’s international competitiveness, and expand the domestication degree of components & parts.
At present, the international vehicle-axle industry has already formed the European, American, Japan & South Korea technology these three major technical genres, and the different technical routes adapt to different road conditions. However, China’s domestic vehicle-axles have not formed the independent-technology vehicle-axle system established according to Chinese market and road conditions yet. The development goals of Qingte vehicle-axle technology will be carried out around developing the Qingte technology vehicle-axle by China's independent technology.
In the technological development of special vehicle, the company will strengthen international standard docking and cooperation; deepen the technology study; refine the core technology, make development transformation from single vehicle-model R&D to providing system solutions.

2. Development Situation of Qingte Product
Qingte Product’s development goal is: to develop the high-end commercial vehicle axles and the advantage focus of special vehicle product.
It is predicted that Qingte will complete the integration and upgrading & replacement of existing platform products within 3 years, so as to realize the technical leading status of our products.
At present, the Qingte is forcefully expanding overseas high-end truck market, and has established commercial and technical cooperation relationship with Daimler, VOLVO and other leading global truck brands. By 2015, the Qingte’s vehicle-axle in overseas markets will realize bulk supply, and the high-end commercial vehicle axle will become the Qingte’s key point of R&D focus.
Qingte's special automobile products will be on the basis of perfecting the product platform planning, continually promoted on product modular design, uniformly normalized on product common-structure design, and optimized on supporting chains for components & parts, with focus on special-automobile product advantage.