Qingte Group Co., Ltd.


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2014 YEAR
  • The new office building of the Group was put into use.

2011 YEAR
  • Industrial Park Phase II Project of Qingte Group was formally put into production
2009 YEAR
  • Plant Photo of Industrial Park Phase I Project of Qingte Group
2005 YEAR
  • The factory was moved to the new plant, and the industrial park was put into operation formally

2003 YEAR
  • The international leading KW static pressure molding production line was introduced to produce casting parts

2000 YEAR
  • Headquarters building in No. 25, Buqi Road

1993 YEAR
  • Qingdao York Transporting Equipment Co., Ltd. was established

  • Visit by Yu Zhengsheng

1992 YEAR
  • Qingdao Zhongqi Special Automobile Co., Ltd. was established

1985 YEAR
  • Gate of factory in No. 25, Buqi Road

1969 YEAR
  • Corner of Predecessor of Qingte (Chengyang Wuqi Farm Machinery Repair Factory)

  • Cupola furnace in 43 years ago (built in 1969)

1955 YEAR
  • View of Old Factory Gate